We believe the bridge to our inner-being begins with ritual.
Rituals help us balance our outer and inner lives and to allow for the full expression of our soul and spirit. 

KÖPRÜ rituals creates a union of eastern influence with modern advanced skin care options in a variety of services. Our bespoke treatment's, with the aid of occult products help guide the practitioner on the chosen ritual. By engaging all of our senses through the use of ritual elements, we are able to bypass the intellect in favour of our intuitive and instinctive knowing.

This instinctive knowing within all of us is at the core of our holistic approach. We believe in treating the body, mind and spirit as one, capable of healing itself. Through our practices of ritual, guided relaxation and deep healing, we may bridge the connection between body and soul together.

Pollyanna treating a relaxed client in the Kopru treatment room
With nearly two decades dedicated to the art of beauty, makeup and holistic wellness, Pollyanna brings a spiritual intuitiveness to the art of beauty therapy.

With a unique appreciation for ritual and a natural gift of knowing, Polly creates this connection in her range of tailored treatments. This includes energetic healing, beauty treatments, massage & clinical therapy. 

On return to Australia, Polly became a makeup artist, began work in the realm of holistic treatments & later received a diploma of beauty therapy. Polly has continued to evolve her specialties and has since received qualification in the following modalities; Reiki Master, Spa Therapy, Beauty Therapy, Makeup & Hair, Zen Shiatzu, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Clinical LED Light Therapy, Clinical Micro-Needling, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Brow Lamination, Lash Lift, Russian Cosmetic Tattooing, Gua Sha, Reflexology & Theta Healing. 

Polly was born in Melbourne in a circle of visionaries. Parents, Sue a fashion designer & Eric a builder, were both creatives with a strong relationship to the earth. From this environment, Polly sensed an intuitive connection and innate knowing within herself from childhood. It was not until living in Bali and Japan in the late 90’s that Pollyanna’s gifts were truly awoken through her fascination with these customs & superstitions. Their cultural acceptance of connection between the conscious world and the psychic world continue to lead the pathway for Polly’s work today.

Rituals serve as a bridge

between the profane and the sacred


connect with us

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