Skin Regimen cleansing cream with packaging box

Cleansing Cream

Skin Regimen Cleansing Cream is an anti-pollution face wash. It is a gentle non-drying foaming cream with delicate surfactants and Longevity ComplexTM. The Cleansing Cream helps protect the skin from the effects of pollution. It effectively removes make-up, SPF, dust, and residues that deposit on the skin during the day. Scented with a natural aroma that rebalances and reinvigorates mind and body. Ideal for urban dwellers always on the go. Recommended for all skins, except hypersensitive.

How to use

Mix a small amount of product with water in your hands to create a soft foam. Massage into the skin with gentle circular movements. Avoid the area around the eyes. Use in the morning with cool water to invigorate the skin. Use in the evening with lukewarm water to favour relaxation.


Made with 89.5% of natural-origin ingredients. Longevity ComplexTM, an exclusive mix of organic superfood extracts (spinach, maqui berry and wild indigo) and a high-tech molecule (carnosine), counteracting the effects of stress and aging accelerators. Skin Regimen products do not contain parabens, silicones, animal derivatives, synthetic fragrances, artificial colourants, mineral oils, SLES and SLS.


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