Image of hand cut jade gua sha massage stone.

Jade Gua Sha

White Lotus use only the highest quality genuine nephrite jade crystal in their authentic jade gua sha tools. The crystal is hand carved and never chemically treated to preserve its natural qualities. Supplied in a beautiful silk lined it comes with our unique lifetime guarantee.

The use of jade Gua sha dates back thousands of years in China. White Lotus encases all of its crystal products in a beautiful silk lined box.

How to use

Start on the right side of your face as energy was always believed to flow from right to left in the ancient Asian Massage systems Using a little facial oil stroke up along the jawline using the fish tail to envelop the line of the jaw. Use the flat side of the jade face Gua Sha to stroke across the cheeks. Stroke across each area 6- 9 times before gently moving up the cheek and repeating Stroke gently under the eyes and out and across the temples Start in the centre of the forehead and gently stroke outwards. Repeat this process slowly moving up the forehead. On pronounced lines you can stretch the line out and use the point of the Gua Sha to zig zag along the line increasing circulation. To finish start in the depression in front of the ear and gently stroke up and around the ear and gently down the neck to drain the lymphatic fluids and increase lymphatic drainage.


100% pure nephrite jade crystal. As this product is hand carved slight variations may occur. 11cm long 6.5 wide Silk Lined Box 14.5cm 11.5cm 3.5cm


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